Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost there

The system is running and all the tools needed to continue my work are in place. The only show stopper is a BUG on the system that prevents the JVM to work properly.

My machine seems to have exactly the wrong combo of hardware and software to make the Java environment unstable.

I believe the problems lays on the kernel+CPU+Java version I'm using. I keep getting SYS1808 and all sorts of silly exceptions on the Java runtime. 2 out 10 times the tools work. Clearly I need to solve this problem before I can continue with any serious work.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recovering the system

I've been slowly bringing back my home system and las night I was able to install a new eCS over a previous one. Cool feature because I had a lot of configurations that I didn't want to reimplement.
Looks good but I still can make the wifi card work. Without it the system it's pretty much useless. All the updates I made on the SWT were done using a VM and I need to connect to the SVN to get those.

Besides the code on that machine contains more things like the support for progress bars (didn't work but it's there)

I'm still trying to find some time to work but it has been imposible.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I haven't had time to work on the code for two months now. I added a lot of code to implement the Tree control. After I finished the implementation it didn't work. The code crashes and I don't have much clue on what it's wrong. Bare in mind that I'm pretty ignorant on the Container control, a complex beast.

Finally soon I'll be able to recover my old computer where I could do some more coding, but for now I don't have time.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Next moves

I'm kind of tired and bored fixing things for the Text class. Many display problems remain. The most annoying one is a "bug" with the MLM_QUERYLINECOUNT message. For some reason it returns difenrent values sometimes.

Now I want to move on. First register the unsolve bugs and then begin the work on the tree and table classes. Probably that will take me a couple of months at least. After that ProgressBar and Sash classes should be implemented.

Work on the port of the Program class should finish the loader for Eclipse and then a full compilation should be the last item in the list.

Well, that's the plan. Let see how close I follow.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Slowing down

There has been some slowing down on the updates, mainly because I have a heavier load of work and there has been more problems than anticipated with the Text class. I have added two tabs from the control example. One deals with the different kind of dialogs available from SWT and the other with the Text and StyledText classes.
StyledText class does not compile because of the dependencies with some classes that need to be ported so I left it out of the example.

As of now I continue to improve the text class getting ready of small glitches.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Habemus icons

After some extra,,,, extra,,, extra effort I "solved" the issue of the missing images in the Label class. Still needs testing, but so far it looks fine.

The problem is a bug in the WinCreatePointerIndirect that ignores the mini icons. The solution was to draw the image using the GPI Api in the WM_PAINT of the Label class. I used the code from the Botton class that implemented the same solution.

I decided to allow the WinCreatePointerIndirect to work for regular size icons. There is a pallete problem there and the will be problems when the image is 32x32 and the resolution calls for the use of 40x40 icons. In that case PM will scale the icon and it will look ugly.

I'll clean up the code and will upload the changes this week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fixing more things

As I go over the code I keep discovering new improvements and unimplemented features to work on.
Last week I corrected the default sizing of the Scale and Slider classes. Now the ControlExample shows them in a correct default size.
The one fix that was really important was the redrawing of the group class. This caused a mess everytime a control was redraw.

The problem happened because the original Win32 implementation uses some flags that indicate when the background should be restore. This feature does not exist in OS/2 so the solution was to implement the WM_PAINT in the group control and there take care of the background refresh. So far it works and now the groups refresh themselfs just fine in the ControlExample testcase.

Over the weekend I added support for the Innotek Font Engine. I tried to see if things worked. Unfortunally there was a lot of tweaking on the SWT port font code to circunvent PM bugs.
Clearly I need to go over the font code since using the FT2LIB screws the true type drawing. The change shows potential but needs some work. I left the engine turned off for now.

This week I'll try to fix the static control. It's now showing images. If I get brave I'll also try to subclass the WC_STATIC and create the conditions and tools to easily extent controls through this OS/2 feature.